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On the Road with Austin & Santino

The Mendocino Coast Chamber of Commerce and the Mendocino County Film Office were pleased to welcome Goodbye Pictures when they brought “On the Road with Austin & Santino” to Mendocino County.

The crew and coordinating producers were a pleasure to work with and we can’t say enough about how nice Austin and Santino were to the fans and attendees on the night of the celebration.

As many of us know, the economic impact of catalog shoots, commercials, television, and feature is a terrific boost to an economy. This show filmed in July, which is challenging due to the high season of the Mendocino Coast, but our local lodging in Fort Bragg worked with the budget of the project. The coordinating producers were in town ahead of time searching for special accommodations for Austin and Santino and a work space that would inspire.

We know that All Aboard Adventures, the business that Captain Tim and Cindy Lemas owns,  had received a lot of exposure from this show and their website started to see that the day the show aired.

Filming took place in Mendocino, Noyo Harbor, a business in the City of Fort Bragg, and  unincorporated parts of the County outside of the City of Fort Bragg.

You can see the episode by clicking on the link below:

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